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August 2023

Ballet Inc; Photo: Stephanie Defeo

That Which Connects, Camden’s Festival of Dance debuted in December of 2015 with two stellar performances, over 8 companies performing, and hundreds of art enthusiasts in attendance.  The Festival was initially birthed as a result of Introspective Movement Project's original work "That Which Connects", an eight minute contemporary jazz dance piece that embodied the invisible spirit that connects and moves every aspect of every person that  is so blessed to take a breath each and every day.


With the announcement of the influx of billions of dollars into Camden through a multifaceted redevelopment plan, That Which Connects is invested in being part of the integral root system that embeds and intertwines the arts with rebuilding and revitalizing Camden's community.  This annual festival is just the tip of the iceberg of its commitment to investing in the arts long term.  By representing the arts in its entirety,  the festival hopes to be one of the critical components in empowering businesses, citizens and local organizations to invest in breathing new life and strength to the pulse of Camden. This festival is committed to investing in people “capital” and emphasizing the value of supporting the growth of arts organizations.

Past Performers

10 Hairy Legs
Alborada Spanish Dance Company
Ariel Rivka Dance
Black Boys Dance Too
Carolyn Dorfman Dance
Introspective Movement Project
Mignolo Dance
Reveal Movement
The Lady Hoofers
The Redef Movement
T.Maj Dance
Camille Moten
Bria Walton
Yu Fujiwara


We are looking for a certain level of technique, expression, and professionalism that also fits the purpose of this festival.

Deadline: July 1, 2022

Decisions made by: July 12, 2022

Submission Fee: $25.00

Click below for submission form.

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