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That Which Connects Camden

A dance festival...

Committed to sparking ingenuity and innovation, while bolstering Camden's creative spirit. 

Presenting a platform for dance companies in the City of Camden, as well as the larger Delaware Valley, to celebrate their artistry as well as become a part of the reemerging arts community in Camden.

Providing the established artist that wants to challenge themselves an opportunity to present their work, while expanding and strengthening their voice.

Exposing the emerging artist with the opportunity to perform their works in an environment that inspires growth and inclusion in a professional quality performance environment. The merging of established and emerging choreographic works brings a fervent energy to the stage.

Bridging the gap between young artists and highly respected professionals through its five day intensive for pre-professional young dancers

Introspective Movement Project

Introspective Movement Project specializes in telling stories of diverse life experiences through the universal language of dance. Now in its fifth touring season, Introspective Movement Project is recognized for contemporary jazz choreography that showcases athleticism and emotional connection. Under the artistic direction of Sonia Pennington, performers find purpose in defying the body’s physical limitations and inspiring soulful self-exploration.

“That Which Connects”, one of Introspective Movement Project’s most extensively performed pieces, is the inspirational namesake for Camden’s Festival of Dance. An endeavour by Artistic Director Sonia Pennington, ​That Which Connects​ is an opportunity for established and emerging choreographers to present works for Camden’s performing arts community. 

Cranes In The Sky - Solange
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